Q: I’m thinking of buying a Squish bike, but don’t know what size my child needs?

A: Don’t worry, most parents ask this! Buying a new bike for any age can be a bit of a mine field and, choosing the right size is crucial in ensuring your child enjoys their new bike.  We would always recommend you visit your local Squish stockist and get your child to sit on a few different size bikes to see how they feel.  Here you can also receive all the advice you need to ensure you’re getting the best bike for your child’s needs (or demands!). Click here for your nearest dealer, or Click here for our sizing guide to give you a rough idea.

Q: I have bought a Squish bike and there is a problem with it, what do I do?

A: We’ve done everything we can so that you do not have to ask this question, but in the event that you do experience problems with your new bike, you should contact the seller as soon as possible. They will then in turn contact us should they need any parts/advice.  If you have a question, or query if you think it’s a simple fix, you can always ask us about it too – we’re always happy to help!

Q: My child has fallen off their Squish bike and has broken a part, how do I replace it?

A: Firstly, we hope your child is OK….learning to ride can be a bumpy journey!  Unfortunately, any crash/accident damage is not covered by our warranty, therefore any replacement parts will be at your cost. If you visit your local dealer they can advise the best solution.

Q: Can I buy a new bike directly from Squish?

A: We’re afraid not.  The only place you can buy a new Squish bicycle, is from an approved dealer. We have always supported this way of doing business with our other brands as it ensures our bikes reach you in full working order with no concerns over safety. Most dealers will offer a free of charge Pre-Delivery Inspection, which basically means they will ensure the bike is in full working order before you take it home; so you can surprise your child with a bike, not a box!

Q: I’ve emailed you but not received a reply?

A: We endeavor to reply to all queries within 2 working days, if not sooner. If you’ve emailed us, you’ll hear from us very soon!

Q: I have chosen a Squish bicycle and know which size I need, can you tell me who has it in stock near me?

A: Unfortunately, once our dealers take delivery of our bikes, we have no reference as to whether they still hold them in stock, or have sold them already. Our best advice is to contact your local dealer/s and ask them what they have in store.

Q: I have scratched/chipped the paintwork on my Squish bicycle, can you supply touch-up paint?

A: We don’t hold stock of touch-up paints. If you contact your local auto-spares centre, they can often mix paint for you using colour charts to match up the correct colour. This method will normally allow you to buy small touch-up ‘sticks’ or, for the bigger jobs, aerosol sprays.  Don’t worry too much though, all our frames and forks are alloy, so if the paintwork does get scratched, it at least won’t rust like cheaper, heavier steel would!


If the list above doesn’t help you with your query, please contact your local dealer or send us a message