About Us


In short, we make lightweight, perfectly proportioned, top quality children’s bikes that are fun and easy to ride!

Our exciting range of kids bikes has been designed to be lightweight, functional and most of all fun to ride!

Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big and parts that are hard to use.  With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed to leave a simple to use lightweight bike that your child can really enjoy.


Each model in the range has been carefully thought out to offer perfectly proportioned pedal arms, brake levers, handlebars, stems and tyres.  Meaning no over-stretching, no “i can’t brake!!” moments and no unhappy children!  All these specially chosen components bolt onto our exclusive frames, offering super lightweight triple-butted alloy tubing and geometries made to fit your little person just right!


That’s a little bit about the bikes, but you clicked on this page to find out who we are didn’t you!  We belong to one of the UK’s leading bike companies, ‘Tandem Group Cycles‘ owners of prestigious British bike brands such as Dawes Cycles, Claud Butler, British Eagle and most recently Squish!


The Squish brand and product range has been designed and developed in our head office in Birmingham, England.  We’re a small team of cycling enthusiasts, that have been working in the industry for longer than any of us care to remember.  What we do remember however is learning to ride on heavy bikes, with dodgy brakes and “hand-me-down” sizing; whilst at the time we still found that fun, we can’t help but be a little bit envious of anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a super light, super cool Squish bike.

……oh to be 7 again!


We hope you find all the information you need on this website, but if you are left with any questions about our range, need some info about which bike would suit your little person the best, or just want to say hey, send us an email at support@tgc.bikeSquish Facebook button

Grow with us!

    3 years +

    Super lightweight, easy to use brakes and made to measure components....what else could you ask for?!

    3 years +
    The perfect first bike!

    Had a 14" or 16" wheel bike but not quite ready for a 20"? That's why we offer an 18" model too!! :)

    The perfect in-betweener!
    6 years +

    Our 20"+ bikes all have gears, opening up a whole new world for fun and adventure!

    6 years +
    Geared up!
    9 years +

    Designed with a slightly more subtle brush, our 26" bikes are still just as much fun!

    9 years +
    The worlds your oyster!
Why Choose squish?
Below are just a few more reasons....

Complete size range

We've developed this range to suit as many shapes and sizes of children as possible from approx 3yrs upwards

Attention to detail

We know bikes, and we certainly know kids bikes! We've worked hard to make each and every Squish bike special

Full aftersales support

After you buy your new Squish bike, we don't just skip off to the bank, we're here to help out whenever necessary

Easy to use

We only sell lightweight, easy to use bikes because we believe that when learning to ride, less is often more